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Monte Carlo Distinctive Characteristics:

How to tell them apart
1st Generation
1970 Monte Carlo - Round Parking Lights in the Chrome Front Bumper.
1971 Monte Carlo - Square Parking Lights in the Chrome Front Bumper, 
Chrome Bezel in Tail Light Lens.
1972 Monte Carlo - Rectangular Parking Lights in the Grill, Brushed 
Aluminum Plate above Rear Bumper.

2nd Generation
1973 Monte Carlo - Parking Lights In The Grill, Split Turn Signals in 
the corners of the Front Valance, Horizonal Chrome Bezel on tail Lights.
1974 Monte Carlo - Complete Chrome Grill Without Parking Lights, Rubber 
Bumper Strips in Front And Rear Bumper, Tail Lights Changed to Chrome 
Bezel Around Outside of Lens with Monte Carlo Crest in Center, Reverse 
Lights on each side of rear licence plate.
1975 Monte Carlo - Solid Corner Turn Signals, Push Bars on Front and 
Rear Bumper, Changed to Sport Style Mirrors, Tail Lights Changed to 4 
Seperate Lenses with Chrome Bezels around Each One, Rear Side Marker 
1976 Monte Carlo - Quad Headlights, Parking Lights/Turn Signals in 
Front Chrome Bumper, Tail Lights Changed to a Single Lens with a Monte 
Crest in middle with Reverse Lights At Bottom of Tail Light.
1977 Monte Carlo - Grill Changed to 3 Seperate Rows, Tail Light Changed 
With 4 Part Chrome Bezel Crest in second split from top and reverse 
light at last split on the bottom.

3rd Generation
1978 Monte Carlo - Single Halogen Headlight, Corner Turn Signals, 
Horazonal Tail Lights Split Into 5 Sections with Tail Light Lenses with 
Reverse Lights Towards the center, Side Marker Lights in Rear.
1979 Monte Carlo - Quad Wrap Around Tail Lights with Reverse Lights 
towards Center with Chrome Bezel around Lights and through The Center.
1980 Monte Carlo - Quad Head Lights, Turn Signals Right Below. Side 
Marker Lights In the Front.

4th Generation
1981 Monte Carlo - Quad Headlights, Parking Lights in Bumper, Solid 
Amber Front Side Marker Lights, 18 Square Split Chrome Grill, Solid Piece 
Tail Light Lens with Crest In Center, Reverse Light Below Tail Light. 
Chrome Bezel Wrapping around Both Tail Light and Reverse Light.
1982 Monte Carlo - Front Side Marker Lights are Split White Lens 
Towards Wheel Well and Amber Lens Towards Front Bumper.
1983 Monte Carlo - Front Side Marker Amber Lens Is Larger Than White 
1984 Monte Carlo - SAME AS 1983
1985 Monte Carlo - Chrome Mirrors or Tear Drop Mirrors
1986 Monte Carlo - SAME AS 1985
1986 Monte Carlo LS - Euro Nose, Composite Headlights
1987 Monte Carlo LS - Euro Nose, Composite Headlights, Wrap Around Tail 
Lights, Changed Rear Bumper
1988 Monte Carlo LS - Same as 1987

1983 Monte Carlo SS - Blue And White Bench Interior, Stock SC Steering 
Wheel, Blacked Out Chrome Trim
1984 Monte Carlo SS - Solid Blue Bench or Bucket Seats, Matching Blue 
SS Steering Wheel
1985 Monte Carlo SS - Different Colors (White, Silver, Black, 
Burgandy), Different Interior Colors (Burgandy, Grey), Black SS Steering Wheel 
With Red SS Emblim, Black Steering Colmun, Vinyl Door Panels, Brushed 
Metal Dash Plates, Red and Orange Striping with new Design
1986 Monte Carlo SS - Different Mirrors, Mirror Position Moved towards 
front of door, Cloth Door Panels, Dash Plates Changed to Black with Red 
1987 Monte Carlo SS - Wrap Around Tail Lights, Changed Rear Bumper, 
Mid-Year Lay Down Spoiler Change, Changed Striping Design
1988 Monte Carlo SS - Black Cars Had Tan Interior and tan striping

1986 Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe - Fast Back Glass, Shorter Deck Lid
1987 Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe - Changed Rear Bumper, Wrap Around Tail 

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